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Thread: Nationals open to tobacco donations

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    Nationals open to tobacco donations

    Old news now... Early February but was interesting reading....

    Nationals open to tobacco donations

    The Abbott government will not be free of tobacco funding, despite a ban on tobacco donations to the Liberal Party, because its junior Coalition partner will continue to accept money from cigarette makers.

    In August, Tony Abbott announced he had ordered the Liberal Party to stop accepting cash from big tobacco, in response to Kevin Rudd's election promise to ban political donations by the industry.

    But the Nationals' federal director, Scott Mitchell, confirmed on Tuesday it was still open to tobacco donations. ''Our position has been that it's a legal product, they're legitimate businesses,'' Mr Mitchell said. ''Like all other parties we accept money from a broad range of organisations and individuals.''

    Returns lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission show the Nationals have received at least $350,000 from tobacco companies over the past decade. In 2012-13 it received more than $25,000 from cigarette maker Philip Morris.

    Read more:

    Article continues on the site......

    And whats the Queensland government made up of, mainly National party members more than the liberal party...... and remember that Queensland has no upper house in parliament (no senate)
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    Im more concerned about the large donations made by big pharma. lets face it, pollies are doing the bidding of whoever pays the most and if they needed bit t's donations, they wouldnt be doing this. one thing I like about clive palmers policy is that he is against political lobbyists. having paid industry lobbyists is a very american way of doing things and it influences policy.

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    Not only BT & pharma
    Mrs Roslyn Packer gave 580,000 to libs and not all the money is listed
    Australian political donations: Who gave how much? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    You got to love australia News corp and fairfax spoon feed us crap
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