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Thread: Just popped up on the old twit feed

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    Just popped up on the old twit feed

    Pretty sensationalist opening, however the article as a whole is well balanced.

    Nic Fit - News and Features - Baltimore City Paper

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    Man, I need to go on a holiday to the States!

    Great article... Actually one of the better articles I have read on the topic for a long time...

    On a side note, both my younger brothers travel to the US quite regularly... I think I best start getting them to drop into vape shops for me and load up on juices
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    Brilliant article! Thanks for posting.

    “If e-cigarettes represent the new frontier,” Abrams wrote, “tobacco control experts must be open to new strategies. Statements based on ideology and insufficient evidence could prevent the use of this opportunity before it becomes established as part of harm reduction strategy.” Regulatory overreach, he suggested, “might support the established tobacco industry, whose rapid entry into the marketplace and history of making potentially misleading claims of harm reduction could promote poly-use of all their tobacco products, and thus perpetuate sales of conventional cigarettes well into the next century rather than speed their obsolescence.” He added that “independent manufacturers of e-cigarettes could compete with tobacco companies and make the cigarette obsolete, just as digital cameras made film obsolete”—a prospect he calls “an extraordinary opportunity to end the cigarette century well before the 100th anniversary” of the first 1964 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on smoking and health.

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    LOL! Yep, that's us.
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    That was a great read, got stuck into the hysterical myths, posted facts from Philips and Siegel and personal stories as well. Someone should clone that journo



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