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    Anyone want to help setup a global survey ?

    Hi there..

    In-light of what has happened in WA and ultimately what is likely to happen across Australia and possibly the world, I have a bold idea to setup a Global survey of smoking and e-cigs I know a lot of survey have been conducted by different organization on different topic's related to smoking and quitting but I thought for our communities benefit it would be good to get the ball rolling on creating one survey to collect concrete data on this topic to include current smokers, ex smokers (not vaping), ex-smokers (vaping) and vapers who have not smoked.

    I really want it to paint a clear picture of the current state of the broader issues related to this topic.

    Aims to identify:

    the % of current smokers not willing to quit and potentially the % that would or have considered vaping as an alternative
    the success and failure of alternative's to traditional tobacco (how many used NRT's and % of success this includes vaping)
    a pattern of level of nicotine vaped and if the level decreases over time vaping
    if vaping was successful what made it successful
    % of vapers who had never previously used tobacco before
    concerns associated to vaping/smoking & other forms of NRT's
    Thoughts towards regulation of e-cigs (what we would like to see with regulation)

    and there is prob more

    The idea is to look at as many aspects on this topic good an bad hopefully to dispel some myths and create concrete figures that can be used if needed

    we need to understand who we are dealing with here and that's a bunch of people that have not likely ever lived with an addiction nor would they be willing to read hundred's of thousands letter's of your story (as great as they are) what they work on is numbers and graphs, this would not be to prove vaping is healthier simply to prove that as ex-smokers we should be given the opportunity to chose our alternatives and it's not not not tobacco and needs to be regulated but in a fashions that still allows it to be successful.

    We chose to smoke but we were not the ones that made it available and we were not the ones that promoted it for so many year's, the governments whilst allowing the sale of tobacco have an obligation to allow alternative's that work.

    I can't do this alone I have found a free site that allows you to set up a survey what I need is help with coming up with a list of questions and some people to help get it out to the people..

    It wont cost anyone anything just their time and whilst prob not a perfect idea it's better than sitting on our hands doing nothing.
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