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Thread: Jeff Stier and the FDA. Vapers need to stand up.

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    Jeff Stier and the FDA. Vapers need to stand up.

    Jeff discusses forthcoming FDA deeming regulations ...
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    Of course, we're not interested in the future of vaping, so don't expect too many responses OD

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    The "Nicotine settling on couches and infecting people" says it all about the people trying to regulate this industry. Also... Big Tobacco is still a 90 Billion Dollar a year industry?

    There's a struggle ahead of us but at some point e Cigarettes will be regulated in the US. What that regulations will be, who knows? But I would guess it would be very similar to the current tobacco regulations.

    And if history is anything to go by our government will simply adopt the same regulations without any research of their own.
    One good thing is that not much will happen here until they introduce those new regulations in the US. (I would guess at least 12 months before anything happens here, hopefully longer)

    The current situation in WA is serious but at least people can still buy hardware and Nic juice from OS.

    My last cigarette... 3rd April 2014

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    Can we send him and the schientists some money, lol...have ya setup a gofundme acct for this guy yet, he could use some new curtains. you could be his Aussie lap dog

    I have contacted the ava to see what I can do as a vaper... How bout you? Or just convince others to throw Money at it in the hope someone else can do the work... FETCH

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    Mathy/Mick, I do believe that you are both indulging in a little spot of baiting...

    May I politely request that we have a serious thread free of all the usual shite?



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