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Thread: huge ecig article in the guardian today...

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    huge ecig article in the guardian today...

    E-cigarettes: miracle or health risk? | Society | The Guardian

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    Overall that's a good article but most of the information is just a rehash of older articles but it's good to see it all in one place.

    "Logically, by far their biggest users are smokers. According to Ash's survey, nearly two-thirds of e-cigarette users in the UK are current smokers seeking to cut down or give up altogether,
    while the remaining third are ex-smokers who have already stopped and are keen not to restart. Only 0.1% of e-cigarette users are nonsmokers."

    This statement is far more clear and accurate than the other one from the E-Cig Political site.
    (Has it's own thread but here is a link to their article. What Are E-Cigarettes ?)

    "Others think they're a potential disaster, because nicotine is an addictive drug and because e-cigarettes may re-normalise smoking."

    This by far is the most common argument against Vaping but IMHO... If anything Vaping will de normalize Smoking tobacco much faster and more effectively than any Government funded advertising campaign.
    The reason I believe this is because as Vaping becomes more popular Smokers will feel even more isolated and marginalized. This will increase exponentially as more and more smokers convert!

    And again they talk about Big Tobacco getting in on Vaping... WITH THE WRONG PRODUCT! That just makes me laugh so hard every time I read it.

    But don't be fooled BT has some very smart people working for them and they would be well aware of second generation Vaping devices. (Meanwhile I hope BT keeps wasting millions of dollars buying cigalike companies)
    I would bet in light of the recent US FDA regs BT will try to move into e-juice manufacture because long term that's were the money is.

    To lock them out, all we have to do is not buy their product. Import your own Nic from the US, China or India from NON BT companies and use our local suppliers doublers.
    Or if you prefer buy ready to Vape Juice from your favourite OS supplier on the condition they assure you they do not get their Nic liquid from a BT owned company.

    Honestly... If Vapers get together on this we can dismantle the BT giants once and for all. It may take a decade or two but it's more than just "possible".
    You may ask why lock them out... BT have always played with the added 'ingredients' and Nic levels in cigarettes and there's no reason they wouldn't do the same with their liquid Nic liquid.
    If nothing else BT have demonstrated on many occasions they simply can not be trusted.

    I would much rather deal with a smaller company who cares about the products they make and overall profit is not the most important thing to them.

    My last cigarette... 3rd April 2014

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    Oh god, the comments. The ignorant outrage makes my head hurt.
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    Words are fun.
    Steam powered and smoke free since January 2013.
    Addiction is bad, let me explain it to you after I finish this coffee.



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