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Thread: Australian Vapers Association (AVA) Update, Web Guru and Social media adviser wanted

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    Australian Vapers Association (AVA) Update, Web Guru and Social media adviser wanted

    Reposted here in its own thread for broader reach. Sorry 'bout the bold.

    We are waiting for ASIC to finalise our national registration (we have Vic reg), we are busy preparing for the AGM where a properly constructed and run election for a committee with a mandate to take the AVA forward for the next year. We are looking to have the AGM as soon as possible, minimum of 3-5 weeks after the national registration is realised and notices go out.

    A task is evident that needs the input from a committed and clever person to help with our web strategy to take to the AGM. In part we'd like this person to;

    • Draft and present a coherent web and social media strategy for the AVA
    • Provide costed options for web hosting and related development, implementation and support costs
    • Assist with setting up a suitable web based meeting place for the AGM, with attention to credible voting capability

    We see this person's help being from asap to at least the AGM, and carry on from there as an appointed position if the new committee so decides

    If you have the interest, time and skill to help, please let me know, likewise if you have any more questions, especially to clarify this notice.

    Apologies for obvious errors and omissions, happy to take your constructive feedback.

    So fa
    r only Mr jato has offered, c'mon you lot, show him there is other talent out there.
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    A forum wide announcement has now been made to bring light to this thread.

    Godspeed MrGruffy.
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    Really... I thought Timmy had offered as well.. Might be worth contacting him
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    This is definitely something that I'd like to help out with if I'm required.

    I'm by no means a web developer, nor do I have experience in drafting a social media strategy.
    I do however have a strong understanding of web technologies and social media in general. I'm no stranger to the world of web hosting / content management systems / message board software.
    I also have experience with photoshop and some experience designing web / print publications.

    There are likely to be more qualified persons here than myself, but I'm passionate about vaping and its future in Australia, so I'd like to help any way I can.
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    What you've described is pretty much a subset of what I do.

    Having said that, I don't have the space for a full time anything - but am more than willing to provide support formulating the strategies and then backfill for whomever would take this role.
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    I don’t do fonts or people things, but I’ll pick up a shovel to help with back end coding if required (perl, php & friends).
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    Thread rewound ... vendor promotion and sentiments in wrong place ....Thanks for pointing it out nicely folks
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