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Thread: Business Insider: Two articles opposing each other

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    Business Insider: Two articles opposing each other

    This came out last week: A Major Problem With E-Cigarettes: They May Be Encouraging People To Take Up The Real Thing | Business Insider

    Notice the URL and the title of the article are different. It was originally titled "this is why e-cigarettes aren't helping people". Shortly after some people made a few comments, it was changed to "They May Be Encouraging People To Take Up The Real Thing".

    Then yesterday, the same journalist posted this article: E-Cigarettes Do Help Smokers Give Up The Real Thing: A New Study | Business Insider
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    Thanks for the links. Interesting reading.

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    “Discussion about e-cigarettes on social media, the blogosphere, and vaping chatrooms is dominated by impassioned accounts from former, now vaping, smokers wanting to encourage smokers to do what they have done,” Professor Chapman says.

    “The early data on e-cigarettes show them to be as good as, or marginally better than nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in helping smokers to stop. Which is sad to say that so far, they are about as unsuccessful as NRT for the great majority who use them.

    “Hopefully, better and stronger data will emerge about newer innovations, but until then, their smoking cessation breakthrough status remains hype.”
    This is an interesting statement from Chapman. I'm pretty sure it's contradictory to everyone's experience here, but does it have some validity?

    It gives rise to some questions:
    How many people do you personally know that have tried vaping but not quit or substantially reduced smoking?
    What were the factors in failing to quit?
    - Negative (scary) press articles?
    - Didn't like the flavours tried?
    - Limited availability?
    - Just prefer cigarettes after sorting out those three.

    I suspect only the first three exist.

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    Just depends on who was paying for the advertising on that day .. We'll write it anyway you want.

    I've spent far more than that on vaping ... But I like to think of the positives
    Actually I don't think that's true anymore .. Savings now exceed spending .. Sweet !
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