I dont remember seeing this. NJOY are coming out with an eGo model, and according to GregTHR, 8 new flavours :New NJOY Products Will 'Bring Vape National': Herzog | CSPnet

And concerning BluCig, this is from GregTHRs twitter feed: https://twitter.com/GregTHR/status/472227768911269888

This shift to 2nd gen devices, in my opinion, is probably due to 2 factors.

1. Market trends: People don't want to spend $20 on 5mL of ejuice that's already been pre-absorbed into shitty little unrefillable cartomizers.
2. Imperial Tobacco is suing these companies after Imperial purchased the patents from Hon Lik (Ruyan).

If so, then the excessive prices on cigalikes, and the purchasing/ownership of the 510 ecig by Imperial Tobacco may have been the best thing that ever happened to the ecig industry in recent times. These companies have the money to normalise 2nd gen devices.