Schrödinger's Cigarette: Is Electronic Safer? - Julie Beck - The Atlantic

“To say that it’s less harmful is like saying it’s better to jump out of the 40th floor than the 100th floor of a building,” is the kind of demented metaphor expected from an academic with little to no experience of smoking beyond merely observing those that do. Caution is grand, but vaporising nicotine is not smoking.

Governments spend mountains every day treating lung cancers, they constantly warn us of their ill-effects; society is rightly turning away from those who "choose" to play with fire. It's archaic, it's a remnant from a bygone era. The fact that people still do it speaks to its devilish ability to hold your breath to ransom. Whatever the powers to be decide to do about vaping, it must be acknowledged that healthier is better, that absolutism will not help an addict, that vaping has made many people happier by releasing them from exile by cigarette, that it is not healthy—it is healthiER.

As more smokers jump ship, governments will move to restrict them and tax them, having contributed for decades to a confusing situation whereby they simultaneously profit from their sale and hemorrhage money to clean up their after effects. It is my sincere hope that this burgeoning industry is allowed to grow and innovate, free from comparison to the greatest public health shame of them all and free from the influence of tobacco companies who've made their money, and now must be made to sit in the corner to die.