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Thread: Polycarbonate plastic and vaping.

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    Polycarbonate plastic and vaping.

    Have a read here:

    Polycarbonate tank & rubber seals warning!

    On Facebook, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos made this comment:

    It is correct that when a tank becomes like this, it should be avoided. But has anyone wondered if the problem is the tank material or the e-liquid? What is the chemical which attacks the tank? Probably some solvents. Which solvents are these and why are they used in some liquids (and not in others)?
    I have also come across some concentrates which eat through disposable plastic bowls in minutes. I have to say that this bothers me more than a minute amount of diacetyl in flavouring, which we inhale every time we make a butter sauce(for example) anyway.

    A link to a substantial list of liquids which can crack polycarbonate tanks can be found here: Here is a list of e-juices known to deteriorate polycarbonate tanks:

    Here's another blogger/vendor's take on tank crackers: ╗ Why Do Some E-liquids Crack Plastic Tanks?

    Ian Dre▀ler commented that he believed that the culprit was triacetin.

    Dimitrios Gazis added the following:
    The same applies to wick materials. Silica, SS mesh, SS cable, cotton, hemp, and the latest fad, Lyocell rayon (Cellucotton). Do we really know what, or how much, of these materials give off particles, and at what temperatures, and whether our lungs can handle the filtering out of such materials? Sure, we wear and sleep in cotton, rayon, and, the more progressive folks, hemp every day. Is breathing in particles of cotton from sheets 8 hours every night the same as taking in cotton particles from a heated wick?
    Please take the time to read and review the links before you make a comment so we can keep this important discussion on track. Oh, and yes, everyone knows that vaping is safer than smoking, but I haven't smoked for nearly 2 years now and no longer use nicotine, so I'm not satisfied with comparing apples(smoking) to oranges(vaping) any more. I am very keen to know what is the safest way to vape and using what materials and liquids.
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    Im getting to the point with all this fear being thrown around im just going to vape non flavoured Nic, it just seems to hard to avoid anything these days.



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