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    In regards to the current talk about regulation and legislation

    With all of the talk in the media about regulation and legislation on Electronic Cigarettes; how much longer can the current industry last the way it is now. From what I have read and researched, it seems as though the FDA and Big Tobacco are winning the battle on the implied prohibition of high quality electronic cigarette products.
    Will Big Tobacco corner the market and destroy the high quality products that are currently around and drive businesses into the ground? Or are people looking to much into this and it's just a passing talking head point?
    I really hope that nothing interferes with the great products and businesses around today as I love using my E-Cig as it's helped me a lot in trying to become healthier and kicking the traditional cigarettes.
    Here are just a few links regarding the issue.
    Industry Is Winning the E-Cig Regulation Battle - TIME
    Proposed FDA E-Cig Regulations Could Have Impact On Oklahoma Eco - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |
    FDA proposes crackdown on e-cigarettes -
    Will FDA Regulation Preserve Or Destroy The E-Cigarette Industry? - Forbes

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    Your right, the vaping market is a cottage industry compared to cigarettes. I think big business (this doesn't have to be tobacco companies though) and government intervention is inevitable as the growth of vaping continues to rise.

    Herein lies the double edged sword - a lot of great small companies will be swallowed up, but vaping will become more normalised and hopefully more accessible. Prices of e-liquid may also rise via taxation.



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