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Thread: CASAA 53page statement to the FDA

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    CASAA 53page statement to the FDA

    "why should we care" I hear you ask.
    "I'm alright jack, I got everything I need for now until forever" I hear you proclaim.
    "bloody poking the bear, you idiots" you snarl in disdain.
    "bloody septics, I hope they all rot in hell" you shout, trying to redirect the thread in a direction that suits your personal agenda.
    explanatory post: CASAA: CASAA Submits Comment to FDA on Behalf of Consumers Regarding FDA Proposed Deeming Regulation

    well. my view is that, unfortunately, our government is more inclined to follow the stance adopted by the good ol USofA than it is to follow the direction of the UK. CASAA (it appears on the surface at least) is a decently organised group that is actively lobbying (to a degree) - that adopts a sensible approach to legislation, guidelines and the like - and may well have a voice that could be heard. I also believe that sticking your head in the sand is not an option that benefits the wider community, and that no change is born of silence. but I am also aware that until there is a decent body representing our own interests here, at home, then not much is likely to ever change in our favour.

    ultimately, our government will take the easy option of using whichever examples from overseas suit their needs and wants best. the more countries that avoid unnecessary regulation/legislation/negative reform, the better it is for us.

    besides - reading things like this will also not only provide some education, but potentially arm you with some material that is useful for rebuttal and formation of your own arguments for / against, etc.

    it may be that I am completely wrong and I accept that also (the missus has told me that for long enough that you lot shouting at me on a intorwebs warrior forum thread is going to be water off a ducks back mate - wind your neck in!) - I have no problems sharing my opinion though and I invite you to re-educate me , debate with , persuade me otherwise or laugh at or with me as you see fit.

    cheers - I'm off to watch the roosters smash the titans now.
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    Call me pessimistic, but until politicians stop listening to this guy regarding ecigs, nothing is going to change for the better.

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    I agree completely marty...he's on a total power trip and prides himself that good 'ol Australia stands alone on its 'progressive' policies on tobacco and now THR. The gummunt loves him because of the massive tax hikes he's helped to create with big profits for them.
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    I took the time to read the whole thing. Wow... the fact that the FDA is heavily critisised for it's apparent ignorance and bias is not going to sit real well. I found it to be well researched and argued. But... if my experience in the public sector in my previous incarnation is anything to go by, this will sit in the in-tray of some petty functionary and not see the light of day.

    Any admission by the FDA that they ignore "good science" would be seen as extreme weakness that would be jumped all over by other industries

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    This is Interesting Scientific evidence clearly indicates e-cigarettes are considerably less harmful than tobacco cigarettes | The BMJ <--- World Famous Cardiologists Give Public Defense of Ecigs
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