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    Scientists Find the Same Ecig “Toxins” In Regular Human Breath

    Scientists Find the Same Ecig

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    Let's face it, inhaling anything other than fresh air into our lungs is unhealthy. I tell people that vaping is not safe; it's just much safer than cigarettes. That usually satisfies them and stops the whole debate about vaping being bad for you etc etc etc.
    I don't blow clouds. I might if they bought me dinner and made me feel appreciated every now and then...

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    Yep I do much the same.

    Especially when I convince someone to give it a go. I also tell them there are studies both for and against them but certainly for reasons unknown our government doesn't like them at all. To which they normally very enthusiastically offer reasons like taxation etc.

    Better I have found when convincing people steer them to a conclusion don't give them one.

    Also better they hear of the possible negatives in an unbiased way from me rather than start vaping and see a today tonight episode on them and come back panicking.



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