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Thread: A ripple against the tide .... NYC's e-cig ban linked to climbing tobacco uptakes

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    A ripple against the tide .... NYC's e-cig ban linked to climbing tobacco uptakes

    Studies: E-Cigarette Regulations Hinder Public Health Goals | Heartlander Magazine

    Excerpts ( emphasis mine )

    "Often used by smokers as a “stepping stool” to wean one’s self off of tobacco dependency, former city Mayor Michael Bloomberg sought to ban the use of electronic cigarette devices in public places. As one of his final official acts as the city’s mayor, Bloomberg signed into law an amendment to the Smoke-Free Air Act of 2002 banning “e-cigs” from public use.

    Stier explains that the e-cig ban is actually hindering the efforts of people trying to quit — an example of a government program's actions actually hindering fulfillment of stated intentions.

    "Instead of supporting their use to help people quit smoking, the New York City public health establishment spends resources demonizing e-cigarettes and making them less appealing,” he explained.

    "California Polytechnic State University Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Economics Michael Marlow’s study of the issue also lends evidence that governments’ regulation of e-cigarettes is based on faulty public policy."

    "Ultimately, Stier says that evidence suggests that the policy conclusion is obvious: city officials, public health advocates, and politicians should choose to recognize that taxing and regulating cigarettes, while banning viable alternatives like the e-cigarette, is not an effective option.

    “Public health officials should learn a lesson,” Stier concludes. “Put your hands back in your pockets, stop asking for more money and more tax increases for your ineffective policies, and instead show some humility, given the new findings.

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    I thought vaping was cruising along nicely in the States but not vaping in public places in NY makes it worse than Queensland.



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