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Thread: Anti-vaping Public Healthers almost kills a toddler through reckless advocacy

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    Anti-vaping Public Healthers almost kills a toddler through reckless advocacy

    If you're wondering why I made the title what it is, it's because it's absolutely true. How many fucking times have we all called for child proof caps and warning labels? How many fucking times have we called for industry standards to enforce ejuice manufactures to comply?

    Public Healthers don't care about this issue, but they love it when it happens because it's just another way they can demonise vaping. They focus instead on their own agenda; "e-cigs will renormalise smoking", "e-cigs will act as a gateway to smoking", "e-cigs will maintain the addiction to smoking". They are reckless in their endevours, whilst the real issues about vaping, shouted out only by those who use the devices but are never listened to because they have been demonised, are left silent.

    Video: Little kid almost dies from drinking ejuice from a non-child proofed and badly labelled bottle
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    As much as we would like to blame the ANTZ or Public Health for everything , in my opinion the blame for this lies squarely with the
    A) the parents for not locking e-liquid away
    B) the retailer for passing on product NOT in childproof bottles
    C) the manufacturer for NOT bottling it in childproof bottles

    Why is it when something goes wrong we always seek to blame authority for "not protecting us from ourselves" ?
    Have we become so good at passing the buck that we expect someone to legislate to "protect" us these days ... this is probably exactly what those who make our life decisions for us want these days ... so that yet again common sense ( and independence) takes a back seat to blindly accepting regulation "for our own sake"

    Surely in 2014 we can take responsibility for the safety of those around us and our loved ones from stupidity like this ?
    Nicotine is as dangerous as every other toxic chem we have in our house , I would like to think we wouldnt leave bleach or acid out for our kids to drink , and that we would take the time to educate them if they are old enough , or protect them if they are too young to understand .
    I get mad when I see people doing stupid things like this , I get furious however , when they say "its not my fault , someone should have done something " Well in your house ... YOU ARE THE SOMEONE !
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    At least the reporting was reasonable and didn't go down the anti-vaping PH nutter route. Though a little bit more effort and they probably could have dug up the knob-jockies that blocked that Bill to ban sale to minors and require child-proof packaging in the US. An anti-vaping group that was. The details escape me now however.

    All my bottles have child resistant caps, as I'm sure just about everyone's on here would too. The exception being the Yaeliq bottles, but I keep them locked up and fill up other bottles from them.

    Of course, the other key takeaway from this incident would be that nicotine just ain't as toxic as is widely believed...

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    Ahhh, personal accountability.

    I do love a trip down memory lane.
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    fatman, agree with most of what you have said but I can also see the valid point marty is making - ANTZ and public health are so focused on mistruths and irrelevant issues that the important stuff is taking a backseat with priority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakor View Post
    Ahhh, personal accountability.

    I do love a trip down memory lane.
    Of course if there were personal accountability nobody would be trying to ban e-cigs ...
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    Page 5 onward shows some stats on the matter.

    Although the study is from 2006 I don't recall any frequent news coverage on the elevated number of children being poisoned by paracetemol (which comes essentially in the equivalent of a chewing gum pop box)
    We're just preaching to the converted here, we should rage reply the writers and reporters of these articles.



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