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Thread: E-Cigarettes at Work Advice to UK Employers

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    E-Cigarettes at Work Advice to UK Employers

    Something maybe to send employers that want to force you out with the smokers. I don't ever expect Australia to be as liberal about their use as the UK but it is definitely an interesting read and on the whole quite positive.

    One really interesting issue is that because they are bringing in Medicalisation in 2016, why shouldn't an employee be able to use their "medication" inside of work hours and premises? Obviously those few companies that get approval under medicalisation legislation are going to be hard to isolate in comparison to "non approved" products.

    So the scenario could be a business has 10 vapers and some of them claim medically approved devices and therefore what to do with the rest of them?

    I think next time Chimpy and co talk about medicalisation, I'll ask "What is going to happen when you get your way and they are considered a medicine approved by the TGA in Australia? Will we see workplaces, hospitals, schools and public buildings filled with vapour clouds simply because of the definition that you have pushed for? Be careful what you wish for Simon!"

    E-cigarettes at work: what do the experts say? | Personnel Today
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    I did some consulting for the Fair Work Ombudsman last year, and spotted a vaper. Turns out she was on secondment from Workcover as the primo safety person there. Vaped her face off subtly and rejected any idea any employer could ask you to go stand with the smokers.

    I then went on to the Federal Court and had to pass my stuffs through the metal detector many times a day to go in/out. I used to use some home made devices at that time (pre istick) and really, half of them looked like they'd explode at any time... nary a hassle there either.

    Only feedback I ever really got was, "FFS you, now I have to go and buy some pastries, your vape makes me hungry"
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    too un-Australian.
    Vape in the dunny and make the place smell better

    On a more serious note, you should vape in a place that has an extraction fan or excellent airflow. Keeping it all on the low-profile is probably the best way for vaping to be accepted in the workplace.
    Not everyone is going to love the smell. I hate the smell of mint for example.
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    Yeah, I vape up the dunny at work... lol

    I am totally low key with it though. Some ******** intern just upset half the Admin block vaping in there. Complete lack of common sense and courtesy...

    edit: I wouldn't be bothered, but he's making poop in my nest. Next there will be signs that I have to go to a smokers area to vape, rather than just step out outside.
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