This is a really long read and was published in 2001 but tells the tale of the conspiracy between Pharma, Government, NGO's and Big Tobacco in the quest to ensure long term Nicotine use and control.

A couple of excerpts....

“…a series of technological, economic, political, regulatory and social developments augurs a
strange bedfellows competition in which these industries [tobacco and pharmaceutical]
will vie for shares of a new multibillion dollar long-term nicotine-maintenance market"

“I am pleased to announce a new partnership here today. We have just set up a Partnership
Project in our European Region, with the objective of reducing tobacco-related death and disease
among smokers…. Three major pharmaceutical companies have joined this partnership: Glaxo
Wellcome, Novartis, and Pharmacia & Upjohn. They all manufacture treatment products against
tobacco dependence.”

"Meanwhile, researchers were discovering that nicotine had possible therapeutic applications for the treatment
of certain diseases. They already knew that nicotine improved concentration and motor control, that it
increased the pain threshold in some individuals, that it helped ward off hunger. For all these reasons,
cigarettes were readily and copiously supplied to soldiers during World Wars I and II. But research was alsoindicating that nicotine could be used in the treatment of such debilitating conditions as Alzheimer’s and
Parkinson’s diseases."

“[A] recent study by USA Today revealed that more than half of the advisors to the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) have financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies that
have an interest in FDA decisions.”

“The FDA regulates products accounting for approximately 25 cents of every consumer dollar—
worth more than $1 trillion annually.”

“The Senate will surely turn to its constituency, point to these drug provisions and say, ‘Look
what we did to protect kids.’ But the public should not be fooled. The Senators’ votes on Tuesday
were a vote for Big Tobacco and against America’s kids.”

"In 1997 R J Reynolds formed Targacept, Inc., a pharmaceutical division focusing on developing
“compounds” to treat such disorders as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, pain, ulcerative colitis,
Tourette’s Syndrome, attention deficit disorder and schizophrenia--all of which had been shown to respond
to treatment with nicotine. On August 24, 2000, RJR announced that it had spun off Targacept after
completing a $30.4 million equity financing with lead investor EuclidSR Partners and other venture
investors. RJR will own 43 percent of the new company, which has “more than 60 issued patents and
pending applications, as well as hundreds of compounds that may have the potential to treat disease,” (PR
Newswire, company press release, 8/25/2000)."