Why Anti-Smoking Groups Should Endorse Snus And E-Cigarettes - Forbes

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"At a Wells Fargo WFC +0.74% Securities conference on e-cigs two weeks ago, Clive Bates, who runs a science watchdog website called The counterfactual, noted how public optimism surrounding e-cigs has deteriorated. Eighty percent of the public believed that e-cigarettes were safer than regular cigarettes in 2010 but three years later, that percentage had dropped to 60% Bates’ view, as New York Times columnist Joe Nocera reported, “was that this was largely because of the anti-e-cigarettes bias displayed by far too many people in the public health community.”

That’s a very plausible interpretation, though superficial media coverage is part of the problem too. Indeed, strategic omissions, half-truths and misinformation are among the biggest hurdles facing tobacco harm reduction. Patient groups, such as the ACS and the ALA, and the CDC play an enormous role in public education. When it comes to smoking, they are derelict in their duty to the people they purport to help."