This is really interesting albeit a very long read. Phillips talks about it in his blog and links the working paper. He states that comments are welcome....

Working Paper: Phillips-Nissen-Rodu, Understanding the evidence about the comparative success of smoking cessation methods: choice, second-order preferences, tobacco harm reduction, and other neglected considerations | EP-ology

The Working paper....


"The extensive literature on methods people use to quit smoking is almost always
interpreted in naïve and unhelpful ways. This is partially due to treating smoking
cessation as if it were medical disease treatment, despite the fundamental differences. The
main problem, however, seems to be a failure to recognize what it means when someone
indicates they want to quit smoking. An understanding of the preferences that motivate
smoking and cessation allows us to categorize would-be quitters, particularly identifying
the difference between first- and second-order preferences for quitting. This demonstrates
the absurdity of attempts to determine what cessation method is “best” or even “better”,
as well as explaining the frequent failure of medical interventions. This analysis offers
advice for both readers of the research and those who wish to quit smoking."