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Thread: Six Tactics used by ANTZ

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    Six Tactics used by ANTZ

    Addiction - - Wiley Online Library

    Failure to quantify: e.g., statement that e-cigarette vapour contains toxins so creating the impression that they are dangerous as cigarettes, without indicating that the concentrations are typically orders of magnitude less than tobacco smoke.

    Failure to account for confounding and reverse causality: e.g., arguing that use of e-cigarettes reduces chances of stopping because in cross-sectional surveys the prevalence of e-cigarette use is higher in smokers than in recent ex-smokers.

    Selective reporting: e.g., focusing on studies that appear to show harmful effects whole ignoring those that do not.

    Misrepresentation of outcome measures: e.g., claiming that e-cigarette use is prevalent among youth by using data on the proportion who have ever tried and creating the misleading impression that they are all current e-cigarette users.

    Double standards in what is accepted as evidence: e.g., uncritically accepting conclusions from observational studies with major limitations when these claim that electronic cigarettes are causing harm, but discounting similar or better controlled studies when these appear to show the opposite.

    Discrediting the source: e.g., arguing that researchers who have received financial support from e-cigarette manufacturers (and even companies that do not manufacture e-cigarettes) are necessarily biased and their results untrustworthy, and presenting themselves as having no conflicts of interest when their professional and moral stance represents a substantial vested interest.
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    Sadly this is the way the world has operated since time immemorial. It was only with the advent of the scientific method that we started to unravel all this crap, and we have a long way to go.

    It says something about human nature that we would much prefer to live with rubbish beliefs than with conflicted or incomplete ones.



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