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Thread: Ecig use rare in non smokers - New UK Gov Health Survey published 10/12/14

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    Ecig use rare in non smokers - New UK Gov Health Survey published 10/12/14

    "(Reuters) - The use of electronic cigarettes in England is largely confined to smokers and ex-smokers, according to a government-backed survey, the latest report to suggest that e-cigarettes were not attracting new smokers.

    The Health Survey for England found that among men who were not smokers, only 1 percent had ever tried e-cigarettes, while 29 percent of smokers and 6 percent of ex-smokers said they had.

    Proportions were similar for women, said the survey, which was published on Wednesday."

    E-cigarette use rare in non-smokers - survey | Reuters

    News article above based on the below UK Government Health Report for 2013 published yesterday
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    A portion of the population will never get into to nicotine, whether it's from tobacco, vaping or gum. Similarly, not everyone gets into alcohol or other drugs.

    The same people who would never take up smoking would also never bother with vaping.

    It was a ridiculous argument put forward by the public control lobbyists in the first place, and now they look like idiots. Nicotine is not crack.
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    Actually, people have just diifrent kind of myths like traditional cigarette that e-cigarette also causes cancer which is not fact!! Although there are lots of surveys, resarch shows clearly that vaping helps people to stop smoking in few months. Telegraph is clearly showing that:

    E-cigarette WHO ban: 'I thought vaping was safe' - Telegraph

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    I don't think that article is as positive as you think. its yet another scare-mongering.
    amount saved by not smoking: $lots
    amount spent on vaping: $not enough

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    There's a new one of these every day. Why have journalists stopped writing about smoking and tobacco?



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