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Thread: Race to deliver nicotines punch, with less risk

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    Race to deliver nicotines punch, with less risk
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    "At Philip Morris International’s research center here, where about 300 scientists work, the nicotine chase is headed in several directions. The company says it has spent about $2 billion since 2008 researching cigarette alternatives with much of that effort focused on devices that use tobacco, but heat it, rather than burn it."

    They spent 2 billion dollars developing a dry leaf vaporiser? waaahahahah!

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    When did "public health advocates" replace scientists as a source of truth?

    It annoys me when they compare vaping product sales to tobacco sales using a dollar figure. They're not comparable for a long list of reasons.

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    Seems that BT are a little behind the times. Spending billions of dollars on 1st gen e-cigs to up the nic levels with bigger batts and higher concentrations of nic. WOW.

    Vapers worldwide have already overcome these problems and I for one know how to ingest all the nic I require. In fact I reduced my nic level and dependance quite quickly.

    BTs solution to add more chemicals to the mix (ie manipulating the composition to keep consumers hooked as they did with their stinkies) is reprehensible.

    Time for BT to go the way of asbestos manufacturers.

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    I think there are better ways and safer ways to deliver nic then vaping but they do not have the same sensation as smoking a nicotine spray diluted with water would be the safest way i think but a big part of vaping that we all like is the sensation of the vapor

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    Addiction has a lot to do with the psychological side of things as well "hand to mouth motion" Blowing "smoke/Vapour" or even holding something in your hand s to keep them busy.

    There is some good in the "1st gen" e-cigs being sold and marketed all over america, it gives smokers a easy way to try vaping (yes generally the products are crap) but its like a stepping stone into the world of vaping,
    I know I started with a 1st gen 3-peice cig-a-like. its a familiar size to cigarettes rather than egos or mods and they are easy as hell to use

    Whats shit about it is only BT will have the money and resources to get them heavily marketed and available to smokers or even approved as medical devices in places like the UK...

    but how long will they continue to use that until they see a vape store or more advanced devices and get curious to try them?

    plus there can be a huge difference in the nic delivery of a cig-a-like, a tobacco cigarette give about 100 micro-grams of nic per puff if you compare that to a 70ml puff off a green-smoke cig-a-like they deliver about half that (49 micro-grams) and well a blu e-cig delivers about 20 micro-grams per 70ml puff (results from September 2013 using high nicotine cartomizers)
    stick a iclear 30 next to that (yes I know old school) with 16-18mg liquid running at about 10 watts and it will deliver 92 micro-grams per puff ( the problem health officails have with bottled liquid nic is its higher risk of pets and kids getting to it were as a slead carto is not a easy thing to get into and doesnt hold as much liquid as a bottle or clearomizer)

    Just my 2 cents =)
    im all for mods and clearomizers being available to the market,
    only sharing what i know.



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