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Thread: Greg Conley: Big Tobacco to begin pushing hard for a ban on Tanks and Ejuice bottles

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    Greg Conley: Big Tobacco to begin pushing hard for a ban on Tanks and Ejuice bottles

    Article Link: 'Big Tobacco' aims to snuff out vapor competitors

    Posted to Reddit by Greg Conley (@GregTHR):

    Something that couldn't fit into the editorial: In 2015, RJ Reynolds is likely to begin lobbying at the state level for bills to decimate the open vapor product and e-liquid market and protect their interest in closed cartridges and cigalikes.

    Consumers and vendors, please get involved in stopping these and other bills when they are introduced. State politicians DO take notice when they receive 5, 10, 20, etc. phone calls from constituents about an issue.

    As Simon Chapman has constantly said, "when the tobacco industry screams, you know you're doing the right thing". If a call for a ban on an entire product categorie is not a blatant "scream", then I don't know what is. I personally think that Simon Chapman has selective hearing when it comes to the screams of Big Tobacco.

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    like i've said before.... stockpiling doesn't look that bad now. At some stage, as much as we want to hide behind a tree and think all is good, the shite WILL hit the fan for vaping cause the Big Boys "want in" . They are losing $$$$$$ Big Bucks from vapers
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    Just a suggestion or two

    We can all take on board what is happening across the world and here and say to ourselves "I'm alright cause I have my nic stores".

    And/or, we can think about the same thing and say to ourselves that there are many Aussies that have not and may never get the opportunity we have had in getting off ciggies.

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    I hate to be pessimistic but I don't honestly see Nic being legally available in any other way other than in non refillable's. Not in this nanny state country anyway.

    I'd really like to be wrong though, and for a while I did hold out some optimism, however the industry has proven that it can't and won't regulate itself to ensure safety of liquids that don't even contain Nic.

    It's quite ironic really that the real winners of all of this are going to be the tobacco companies the ANTZ despise the most, and it's the ANTZ that have helped get them over the line.
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    This maybe a sneaky piece of reverse psychology by B.T.

    If everyone says no, (B.T. evil), no ban on Tanks & Juices:
    - it opens the door to B.T. Branded Tobacco Juices & B.T. Branded 2nd Gen Tanks with P.V.s'
    If everyone says yes, ban 'em:
    - their cigar-likes step in, with higher profits & high Taxes

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    B.T. can do what it likes... The more money they spend the better IMO.

    They don't really have any traction in Aus anyway. (Take it from me, They really don't)

    My last cigarette... 3rd April 2014



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