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Thread: Balanced article by PulmCCM

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    Balanced article by PulmCCM

    This is quite a good read. It's balanced, informed and worth reading.
    It comes from pulmonary journal of critical care medicine.

    E-cigarettes fuss over formaldehyde: don't believe the hype (yet) - PulmCCM

    Your thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom_Veto View Post
    Your thoughts?
    The only thing that may give a wrong impression is the tests were done at 5v meaning that most people think that you can not do that now.
    The tests done were on a CE4 [yes old tech and probably purposely done this way]
    CE4 and CE5 are top coils that had the long strings of silica hanging down to the juice level
    They were the thing to use with the then EGO battery which could not produce enough voltage to bring huge dry hits.
    The fix for low dry hits was to tip the tank upside down every now and then to wet the whole wicks.
    Bottom coil clearomizers are already always soaked inside the juice so these can be run at a higher voltage without the same effect the top coils had.
    Bottom line is, wicking and how well it does and those tests that frightened new lookers was because they [the tests ]virtually used something that wicks the least and put the voltage up.
    Vaping 5v at a build that wicks is not the same as vaping a CE4 at 5v
    EDIT: i bet those tests didn't even turn the tanks to wick the juice. just constant 5v

    Lets have a look at the v3 version of the CE4 [star dust] and then it may make more sense why these tests were done by watching this Sooooo old video because CE4 is so old
    And those cunny funts do testing on these and put the voltage up to 5v and bring it up to public how they are worse than cigs
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    Thanks, hadn't seen that one.

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    Yeah, people are frantic about the formaldehyde but no one would want use their e-cigs in a way where they get a disgusting dry hit.

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