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Thread: A cigarette that could actually save lives - Daily Telegraph 11/3/15

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    A cigarette that could actually save lives - Daily Telegraph 11/3/15

    "ELECTRONIC cigarettes may be the greatest tool in the fight against lung cancer that the world has ever seen. They’re cheap, convenient and they’re helping smokers everywhere to quit.

    And the best part about this health solution? It doesn’t involve government."................

    No Cookies |

    Simon Breheny director of the Legal Rights Project at the Institute of Public Affairs.
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    Doesn't involve Government and yet it's cheap and very effective, funny that.

    Hope to see more articles in this light, some of the comments though...

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    yeah good article, I agree, some the comments just show how limited some people are in their thought and understanding of people who are not like them. a non smoker will never understand all the complexities of why someone who does smoke and other than stress (I have anxiety issue for example and it helps as I feel stress more than the average person) it can be enjoyable, wish I had an alternative when I started though back when I was 16 and I sure think anyone who was ill effected by ciggs legitimately would have liked an alternative aswell instead of people with a black and white outlook on life making decisions for them.
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    Good to see someone from the IPA saying something finally.
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    Holy s##t a positive media article in Australia!
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    I'm not sure it's so much a pro vaping article as an anti government regulation article. This guy is clearly pushing the Institute of Public Affairs agenda.

    We clearly always need some regulation of products on the market. The frozen berries hepatitis issue is an obvious example. We can't all be personally testing the safety level of every product on the market. With the current unregulated underground market on eliquids I wonder how long it will be before some faulty eliquid will hit the market.

    It's kinda already happened with some PG liquids being contaminated with propylene ethanol.



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