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Thread: Professor Wayne Hall Calls for Ban On Cigarettes, Lifting Ban on E-cigs

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    Professor Wayne Hall Calls for Ban On Cigarettes, Lifting Ban on E-cigs

    Addiction experts calls for e cigarette sale ban lift | NZNews | 3 News
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    From that link:

    "If these devices did live up to all the promises made for them, then there would be no good reason to allow cigarettes to continue to be freely sold," says Professor Hall, who is from Queensland University.
    I think 'Keeping the trade in tobacco out of the hands of criminals' is a compelling reason. But then, I'm pretty much against the entire 'drug war', having seen the kind of damage it causes.

    Prohibition is more harmful than sensible management.
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    Interesting that the Wayne Hall is from Australia, and Queensland University at that.

    He makes a good point that no one is offering any appealing alternatives to smoking. I wonder what the NZ experts had to say, given it was a NZ conference.

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    The hardest part of getting rid of cigs will always be the revenue
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