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Thread: Two New Studies

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    Two New Studies

    The first study looks at quit rates. This one I particularly like as it is looking at people in real world conditions and the real world results as opposed to the artificial and restrictive conditions of controlled trials. Not surprisingly the results (as anyone with a brain would know) are far superior to what is achieved in random control studies.

    IJERPH | Free Full-Text | Quit and Smoking Reduction Rates in Vape Shop Consumers: A Prospective 12-Month Survey | HTML

    The second is from Dr Farsalinos and is good news as well -

    A new study verifies that e-cigarettes are orders of magnitude safer than tobacco cigarettes
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    The first article contains quit data that would be beyond the wildest dreams of tobacco control advocates ... although getting people to start is the hard part, especially in Australia.
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    Yep the important bit is help from staff. Sadly in Australia there are nowhere near enough vaping shops, thank god for avf. I wouldn't have made it without that help.

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    Interesting conflict of interest statement for the authors of the Vape Shop study. Kudos to them for being so open minded about vaping, despite their BP affiliations. Or maybe because of?

    Conflicts of Interest

    Riccardo Polosa has received lecture fees and research funding from Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturers of stop smoking medications. He has also served as a consultant for Pfizer and Arbi Group Srl, an Italian distributor of e-Cigarettes. Riccardo Polosa is currently scientific advisor for LIAF, Lega Italiana Anti Fumo (Italian acronym for Italian Anti-Smoking League). Jacques Le-Houezec is a consultant for Johnson & Johnson France, a manufacturer of nicotine replacement therapy, and was reimbursed for travel and accommodation to present at a conference in Shenzhen (China) organised by the e-cig manufacturer association (CECMOL). Pasquale Caponnetto and Fabio Cibella have no relevant conflict of interest to declare in relation to this work.
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