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Thread: E-cigarettes are smoke of choice for US schoolchildren

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    E-cigarettes are smoke of choice for US schoolchildren

    From E-cigarettes are smoke of choice for US schoolchildren in New Scientist magazine:

    In US schools, vaping rules. In 2014, for the first time, electronic cigarettes roared past conventional cigarettes as the smoke of choice for US teenagers. Whether the rise of e-cigarettes is welcome news or a fresh face on an old public-health menace is not yet clear.
    These reporters still don't seem to know the difference between smoke and vapor. The numbers were from a survey conducted by the CDC.

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    Well the Yanks are selling ecigs to teenagers, and low and behold they are using them...


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    bets on they don't become habitual users though + tobacco use in teens is plumetting in US, most likelly because of vapes
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    Research, Government and Healthcare commentary on the use of vaping devices in teenagers shouldn't even come into play as an argument.

    The world effectively restricts the sale, possession and usage of Tobacco to adults, in the form of Cigarettes, Cigars, Snus, and any other Tobacco products;
    The world effectively restricts the sale, possession and usage of Alcohol to adults;
    The world effectively restricts the sale and possession of firearms to adults;

    In Oz - we restrict the usage of high powered cars to P platers, we restrict the speed we drive at, blah blah blah...

    This isn't something that should even effect the vaping world. In Oz we can't even buy nicotine - so to some - this can't even be a TGA/Healthcare issue. And this "should" be (and I know it's not) a simple case of the restriction of Nicotine to Adults only and not children.

    The whole ban on Vaping devices in WA to EVERYONE is insane - ESPECIALLY SO WHEN THEY CONTINUE TO SELL CIGARETTES, ALCOHOL and whatever else...

    It's synonymous with saying that we can now longer sell Ginger Ale because it looks like Bourbon.

    Maybe the state governments should ban the sale of sausages because it looks like a Dildo or a Peni.......
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