Here is another Harm Reduction Specialist telling it how it really is. Again, well worth a read.

"Rodu: Tobacco Control is Getting It Wrong
Research, policy expert takes on myths, claims, rhetoric about smokeless and e-cigs"

"LAS VEGAS -- Anti-tobacco campaigns are getting it wrong, Dr. Brad Rodu, professor of medicine and holder of the endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research at the University of Louisville, said during his presentation at the NATO Show in Las Vegas.

The American anti-smoking campaign is approximately 50 years old. Yet, by the Center for Disease Control & Preventionís own numbers, there are still 42 million smokers and 400,000 smoking-related deaths per year, a figure
Rodu said the CDC is not underestimating................"

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Rodu: Tobacco Control is Getting It Wrong | CSPnet