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Thread: Counterpoint: Does the Risk of E-Cigarettes Exceed Potential Benefits? No

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    Counterpoint: Does the Risk of E-Cigarettes Exceed Potential Benefits? No

    Excellent article on E-cigarettes. There is a counter argument that says yes at the bottom. I think the "No" argument wins hands down.

    "E-cigarettes are nothing like actual cigarettes, and can be used for smoking cessation."

    Counterpoint: Does the Risk of E-Cigarettes Exceed Potential Benefits? No | Medpage Today
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    I love the argument by the anti vaping lobby that vaping can be or is a gateway to tobacco smoking

    Its funny how they dont also claim that methadone leads to heroin use, no, in that case they are bleeding hearts for outright heroin users and give the junkies a safe injecting room

    But well, apparently some people live in opposite world full time...

    But no, dont let people, using a legal drug, who are actually proactively trying to reduce harm to themselves, have access to a viable way out...applying their reverse logic arent we entitled to an unsafe tobacco smoking room?

    Coming soon to Kings Cross...sure we'll have to step over all the junkies on the way into the place, but once we're inside we'll be safe from the vapers outside....

    And the spiel from the safe injecting centre:

    The Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) recognises that drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition and that it is complex and difficult to treat. MSIC does not support or promote drug use; it simply acknowledges that it is a fact of life. We are a compassionate and pragmatic harm reduction service.
    The unsafe tobacco smoking room spiel, using my twisted reverse logic, could read:

    The Sydney Medically Unsupervised Tobacco Smoking Centre (SMUTSC) recognises that drug addiction is a choice, a non-relapsing condition and that it is easy and simple to treat. SMUTSC does support and promote drug use; it acknowledges that it is a fact of life, and we simply dont care about it. We are a non compassionate and unpragmatic non harm reduction service.
    fwiw, see the staggering list of organisations and bodies that support people freely injecting illegal drugs here:
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