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Thread: In todays news pharma and BT are getting together apparently :)

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    In todays news pharma and BT are getting together apparently :)

    Scientists are joining tobacco companies to fight cancer (apparently )
    Scientists are joining tobacco companies to fight cancer | Business Insider
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    Not all quite true
    Quote - "Scientists who have devoted years developing medicines to cure disease"
    While the scientists may be devoted to finding cures, large corporations defiantly are not.
    They want treatments that alleviate a disease, but don't cure it.
    That way they can keep selling us the treatments & the disease is never cured.
    How long did they tell us stomach ulcers were incurable & sold us Anti-Acids?

    It would seem Philip Morris International Inc has figured out that killing their customers,
    may not be such a good idea.
    But just how do they plan to recruit new customers twenty years from now?
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    scientists that are helping the big tobacco? dont believe it. Tobacco company pays scientists how can we make the ecig more desirable but safe? (oh is something we can put into the liquid that makes them more addicted)
    after all we don't have to put ingredient list on the bottle?

    Most liquid has VG-PG Flavour and sometimes Nicotine. 4 ingredients

    I prefer my doublers and my home made stuff usually only has 4 different ingredients. Well could be a lot more if we I count each flavour as 1 ingredient.

    Do we trust a tobacco company now to change that from 4+ to about 1000+ will they be upfront about what is in it,
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    "flavour " could be just about any cocktail of chemicals already.... Nothing will change on the labelling.



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