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Thread: Are we a tobacco-oriented community?

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    Are we a tobacco-oriented community?


    However, few existing studies have conducted in-depth empirical studies on characterizing the user interaction in tobacco-oriented social media. In recent years, several case studies were conducted to uncover the hidden patterns of tobacco promotion activities and the prevalence of pro-tobacco video clips sponsored by the tobacco manufacturers in social media (11,14,18,20,33,34), and some researchers also attempted to conduct online surveys to reveal the impact of favor on use of tobacco products35. Thus far, existing researches mainly rely on the user survey and the manual data extraction from questionnaires is time and labor-consuming. Furthermore, most existing researches are case studies and lack of quantification methods. With the rapid increase of tobacco-related content in social media, the existing methods for data collection and analysis cannot solve this problem well.


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    Some of the above papers are being cited by articles about vaping and those articles themselves often lump tobacco and vaping advertising studies together in bundles of references. I think I see a disturbing trend whereby vaping communities like this one, reddit and facebook groups are being conflated with pro-smoking communities in order to falsely inflate the "danger" that "Big Tobacco" have on our children.
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    yeah, it happens.

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    Plenty of people have their own biased agenda, some are more personally affronted by vaping than smoking, some simply don't understand the difference, and many are just anti nicotine; without understanding that it's the tar and chemicals, and act of combustion, that makes smoking harmful.

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    There is some manipulation in the vaping community by tobacco companies, some of vapings most vocal are backed by tobacco in Australia, through very politically active thinktanks with big bad overaching agendas

    Likewise much of the charge against vaping in Australia can be traced back to pharma funding and you will find that there is also alot of bias in the way research is being done and how conclusions are being made against vaping

    This is not however true elsewhere int he world where the charge is being lead by by small business and just dammed vocal stakeholders (vapers themselves)

    Tobacco is in charge of creating the product .. but pharma has always been associated with distributing products that formally relate to quit smoking (including NRTs containing nicotine) .. both stand to make billions worldwide out of controlling/ monopolizing and manipulating the market if they can... and are allowed to go unchecked by vapers themselves

    Most vapers are unaware of the war being raged above their heads and what that means to them and the overall outcome..

    If interested read alot and make up your own mind on how to proceed.. and don't take the first great sounding thing that comes along without sussing it properly and then working out how it will fit in with your moral side (if at all)

    good luck

    If it makes you feel any better I suspect due to current politics vaping will be recognized in Australia soon irregardless of action..the only thing left is the detail of how it will be recognized, but thats another story for another night and yet to be seen
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