An approach to ingredient screening and toxicological risk assessment of flavours in e-liquids

I like this kind of progress. I posted this poll the other week. It wasn't so much about supporting regulation, but more about people's attitude to vaping. Its good to see the never ending pursuit to making vaping healthier and healthier continue on. Whether it be removing diactyl from our e-liquids, or improving wicking/coil materials, I like that there's that drive to making it safer, and in most cases, not because we're health nuts, but for the sake of improving and developing a better range of products. I remember reading an ECF conversation a couple of years ago where temperature control was some distant future uni-corn technology that would make vaping ultimately safer. Controlling the temp to ensure certain chemicals aren't formed during the heating process. Now we're probably going to be able to have it in compact cheap china box mods for about $45 to $70 (?) in a just few months.