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Thread: What happened with this........????

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    What happened with this........????

    I could be wrong (I often am) but I was under the impression that there would be some kind of updated, revised legislation in place, if anything at all?

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    Oh Dear how could the cancer council and Sydney University win this, so outspoken already on e-cigs.
    They tick all the boxes in the wrong way to awarded this tender

    The Tenderer must disclose in the Tender any actual or potential conflict of interest, any risk of a conflict of interest and any apparent conflict of interest arising through the Tenderer or any member of the Tenderer’s organisation engaging in any activity or obtaining any interest that is likely to conflict with or restrict the performance of the project fairly and independently. As part of this, the Tenderer must disclose whether the Tenderer or any member of the Tenderer’s organisation has ever:

    • engaged in work including but not exclusive to government relations work or regulatory affairs work for, or associated with, the tobacco industry or the electronic nicotine delivery system industry, or intends to do so in the future; and/or

    • publicly advocated for or against, or conducted research and/or published research and/or opinion pieces on tobacco harm reduction.

    Where a Tenderer has disclosed, under paragraph 35.1 of this RFT, the Tenderer must also propose mechanisms for managing any conflicts of interest if the Tenderer were awarded a contract to provide services under this RFT.

    If at any time prior to entering into a contract for the Services, an actual or potential conflict of interest arises or may arise for any Tenderer, other than that already disclosed, that Tenderer should immediately notify the Department in writing.

    If any actual or potential conflict is notified, or the Department becomes aware of any actual or potential conflict, the Department may, in its absolute discretion:

    • disregard the Tender submitted by such a Tenderer;

    • enter into discussions to seek to resolve such conflict of interest; or

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