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Thread: A sensible Brit doctor.

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    A sensible Brit doctor.

    Just seen this. Common sense at its best??

    I think it’s very telling that e-cigarettes are the most popular method used by people quitting smoking. It’s far more popular than prescribed nicotine replacement therapy — gum, patches or sprays — despite the fact that many people can get these free on the NHS.

    I’m certain this is because e-cigarettes mean smokers can avoid seeing their GP and remain in control of giving up.

    Yet how does the medical profession respond? Rather than celebrating the fact that people have found something that helps them quit tobacco, many doctors are up in arms, demanding that e-cigarettes are banned.

    T hey say they emit potentially ‘toxic’ chemicals that could affect bystanders. But where’s the evidence of any harm?

    There isn’t any. Absolutely zilch.

    I think doctors resent the fact that people have found something they like and that works for them, and are shunning the official NHS route to being smoke-free.

    They’re even more upset that some smokers have simply switched to e-cigarettes and show no intention of giving up at all. How dare they!

    But so what if people choose to remain addicted to nicotine from a device that doesn’t deliver the tar, arsenic and other chemicals that do real damage?

    To its credit, the Royal Society For Public Health accepts that nicotine is, in itself, no more harmful than caffeine.

    It graciously accepts that — even in its brave new world where smoking is banned outside pubs — you should still be allowed to use e-cigarettes.

    Just don’t call them e-cigarettes. Apparently, that’s a thought crime because it associates them with tobacco. Instead — according to the Royal Society For Public Health — we should call them ‘nicotine sticks’ or ‘vapourisers’.

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