Ok this is just a preview of the full survey, that has been posted for public viewing, if you know where to look.
The full results have not been published at this time but the results so far show some interesting trends.

I don't think this is a snapshot of all vapers in the US, as we know not all vapers visit online forums or even know about them.
Many vapers are simply ex-smokers that saw an alternative product on a shelf in a store of some kind somewhere & thought it'd be good to try as a novelty (usually cigalikes) or heard about e-cigs did a little bit of searching & found a link to overpriced cigalikes or eGos & just continue to pay each month for a new lot of replacement cartos &/or juice etc.

What I think it does tell us, is that as vapers that have contact in the vaping community become experienced, they will generally move away from cigalikes & eGos, onto mechs or more likely onto mods of some kind.
Even mech mods are losing popularity as better regulated mods become available.
I think with vapers that have little or no contact with the vaping community we are more likely to see a higher proportion of cigalike & eGo users but as more & more of them become educated & search for better products, those figures will probably decline too.

Big Tobacco certainly isn't the big player in the vaping industry & if the above results are anything to go by, they are losing market share to China & other regulated mod makers.