Seems that this has not been posted recently - that's for the folks who previously got annoyed about a post I repeated.

Short story New scandals hit anti e-cig-activists This would include your very own favourite, one Prof. S. Chapman - he's mates with Martin McKee.

Puddlecote really got stuck in via his regular Blog PHE hypnotised by big tobacco claims

So, if you've read the above, Puddlecote has now released the links to the emails that were extracted under FOI. Here they are:

Part 1: Correspondence Between McKee and Davies Aug-15 to Oct-15

Part 2: Correspondence Between McKee and Davies Nov-14 to Feb-15

The worm is starting to turn. For those who've suffered the indignity of being trashed by these so-called PH lunatics (you would be the tobacco shills or "anecdotes), and battled hard or suffered silently, have a read and perhaps allow a cautious fist pump - yay!

If you're a user of social media, then a RT or FB post, in order to achieve maximum embarrassment would be great, cheers Mathy