In my experience in trying to convert people, I've found that most people dont dismiss vaping because of what they hear on the media.

They simply use what they hear from the media as an excuse not to switch

I'm not trying to convert anyone. It was only during a phone conversation that I just happened to say "Hey, I stopped smoking last month, & I bought one of these e-cigarette thingos". He's first response when hearing that was, "Mate, I'd be careful about using those things. I've heard they are worse than cigarettes & they can blow up in your face."

Here's the scenario when this subject comes up. *phone* ring, ring, *pickup* G'day mate, how's it going? Good Andy, you know that thing you're sucking on. I saw/heard on the TV/Radio that they are so bad for you. This bloke/woman was saying blah, blah, blah. Then I have to try & explain to him why they were wrong.

We take it for granted, but the reality is that online shopping is a strange and weird place for many people.

Not for this bloke it's not. He buys heaps of stuff on the internet. He also buys AND sells on eBay, & he even buys his groceries online from Woolies.

That, and the fact that vapourisers look weird, and most smokers are people who dont want to be noticed.

He smokes a pipe in RL so he wanted to buy an e-pipe. Also, he smokes the same way I did, & I also vape this way. Only at home or driving in the car.