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    Tobacco black market at record levels

    Creeping tobacco prohibition causing black market tobacco to grow?? No, impossible! Inconceivable! Why didn't anyone think of this possibility?????

    Tobacco black market at record levels

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    Hahaha what climate does it take to grow tobacco?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCYL View Post
    Hahaha what climate does it take to grow tobacco?
    It carries greater penalties than the green stuff

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    BAT outlined five steps the government could take to significantly address the issue:

    * A more measured approach to tax increases.
    * More resources for the Australian Border Force tobacco strike team.

    * Move enforcement of plain packaging laws at the retail level from the health department to the ABF.
    * Increase minimum sentences for tobacco smugglers.
    * Courts to have the option to impose jail sentences and fines to those convicted under the Excise Act.
    Interesting that its BAT making the recommendations

    Slow taxes to protect market - check
    Give BF more resources to break competition -check
    Why they want to move plain packaging to border force- dunno actually
    More jail time to scare off smugglers to protect market- check
    More scary court stuff to deter would be smugglers and protect competition - check

    Sorta stuff that Public health would be wet thinking about in a re-framed way- hard to tell where public health begins and market protectionism ends sometimes... esp with BATS recent fore into vaping stuff and pharma in the UK and here through the TGA- hmmm...

    It would make a great conspiracy theory
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    if this was like 6 months ago, i'd be interested in finding those 12$ packs....nowadays its budget for a 100 ml e-juice



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