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Thread: news dump

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    news dump

    E-cigarette inventor fumes at Welsh Government over vaping ban plan

    E-cigarette inventor fumes at Welsh Government over vaping ban plan - Daily Post

    Annual quiz on e-cigarettes and harm reduction - 2016

    Annual quiz on e-cigarettes and harm reduction 2016 The counterfactual

    Glantz trying to put American snus on same level with Swedish snus (was going to post only the article but found this more interesting)

    E-cigarette myths busted by Bristol council as they encourage smokers to turn to vaping

    Real life version of @StopVaping spotted on the @ANR_Smokefree Facebook page #ecigs #vaping

    Phillips and Burstyn departure from CASAA

    Phillips and Burstyn departure from CASAA | Anti-THR Lies and related topics

    Nicotine Propaganda

    Nicotine Propaganda

    Phallic? Its Not the Size of the Mod-But How You Use It

    Phallic? It's Not the Size of the Mod-But How You Use It | VapersVoice

    Liz from Vaoingpoint leaves facebook

    Main reason for vaping is to quit smoking UK study

    Harm reduction

    Harm reduction | Matt Ridley
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    Sad about Carl and CASAA ... I think perhaps another result of personality/belief clash rather than ability getting in the way yet again. Science and the ability to counter propaganda is crucial in the ecig debate and to sever ties with such a respected scientist and ally must be detrimental
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    from the comments section - Sadly it feels all too familiar- but also interesting since most of the well known writers and scientists appear to be pro tobacco harm reduction advocates rather than ecig puritains

    Alan Selk | 4 March 2016 at 5:52 pm | Reply
    I certainly am saddened to hear this, but also a bit of anger and frustration at the direction CASAA is going.
    There are many new people coming into CASAA and vaping and nearly all of them have little to no knowledge of how we got to where we are, and the basic concepts of THR. They simply do not understand that this war on THR has been going on for decades. Education is the key to building a sound movement. Without it CASAA is pretty much a rudderless boat.

    There is more to it though. I was around in 2009 when CASAA was first formed and was involved in the original discussions as to what CASAA was going to be. One of the main discussion centered on if it was going to be a vaping only advocacy group, or a group that advocated for the basic concepts of THR in whatever form that would take. The inclusive faction won and CASAA became what it is.
    Unfortunately the issue never really went away and there has always been resentment from the EC only faction. It appears the exclusive side has finally won out. It is not surprising as CASAA is made up of of nearly exclusive EC users (well, now it is). Since the board is voted on the numbers caught up with CASAA.

    Maybe I’m wrong and I am just to used to peeking at the dark side of things, but I can’t see anything positive in abandoning education.

    Carl V Phillips | 5 March 2016 at 6:56 am | Reply
    That decision made CASAA what it is today, though via a path that could not have been predicted at the time: I would not have merged with a mere ecig cheerleader group. Of all the things that CASAA is giving up on, being interested in more than a single product turns out to be not one of them (as far as I know).

    However, that is largely moot, since it now really just means going through the motions of doing a pro forma Call To Action for the occasional anti-snus tax or place ban (which most of the members will ignore for reasons that you touch on).

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    I really enjoy reading through your "dumps"

    I find them informative, the last one on harm reduction by Matt Ridley is great.

    "Of the roughly three million vapers, nearly all are smokers or ex-smokers who have drastically reduced their intake of tar, carbon monoxide and all the other harmful constituents of smoke (nicotine is nothing like as harmful). If you value each success in stopping smoking at 74,000, as the government does, that’s tens or hundreds of billions of pounds of benefit to the British economy. All at no cost to the taxpayer."

    Yet instead of encouraging vaping, the government is about to implement an idiotic clause in the European tobacco products directive, which will ban stronger e-cigs"

    It makes me wonder about the morality of the people who are supposedly running the show... Both England and other countries around the world.

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    The saddest thing about it is the fact that the role for a scientist in this activist group is not needed because the politicians don't care about the science.
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