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Thread: Urgent Call to Action! Victorian Anti Vaping Bill

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    Urgent Call to Action! Victorian Anti Vaping Bill

    Call to Action: Victorian Tobacco Amendment Bill

    On June 8th the Victorian Government will be voting on the Tobacco Amendment Bill, which will regulate e-cigarettes the same way as tobacco products. Vendors will not be able to display their products or offer juice tasting in-house, and users will not be able to vape in smoke-free zones.

    These restrictions will cripple the retail vaping industry, discourage smokers from switching to e-cigarettes and force vapers into smoking areas in public places. It sends a strong message that vaping is just as bad as smoking. In future, as even more severe restrictions are placed on smoking, vaping will be included.

    This Bill was introduced without any public consultation.

    We need to get the Liberals in the Legislative Assembly/Lower House to accept that there has not been enough consultation on this important issue, and that the Bill needs to be sent to Committee or Parliamentary Inquiry. We need to write to them WITHIN A WEEK. The Bill will go again to the Lower House/Legislative Assembly on June 8th, and we need to make sure the Liberal members are contacted before this date, the earlier the better.

    So this week, it's all about the Legislative Assembly/Lower House. If you are in a Labor seat, it's still worth writing. As a voter in their seat, a letter written directly by yourself (not a copy and paste) is thought to represent at least 200 people's opinions. A real typed or hand written letter delivered has more impact than email. Do both. It's also worth writing seperately to the Shadow Health Minister, Mary Wooldridge. She is key.

    Your Letter To Your MP's (see list below)
    a) say that you live in their constituency and give them your address
    b) explain that you are writing about the Tobacco Amendment Bill before Victorian Parliament that would severely restrict vaping
    c) say how you think it could harm yourself and thousands of Victorian vapers
    d) give your personal story about how vaping has helped you
    e) say that this is too important to rush through without consultation and you humbly request them to reject the current Bill and subject it to an Inquiry or Committee where consultations with other public health experts, vape shops, and consumers can occur.
    f) email your letter and for maximum effect, print, sign and post it to your MP's

    Following is a list of contact details for Victorian Liberal Party Members of the Legislative Assembly (Lower House). Details for all members will be added shortly.

    Victorian Legislative Assembly (Liberal Party)

    Matthew Guy - Leader of the Opposition (Bulleen)
    Shop 30D, Bulleen Plaza, 101 Manningham Road, Bulleen, VIC 3105

    David Hodgett - Deputy Leader (Croydon)
    60 Main St
    Croydon VIC 3136

    Brian Paynter (Bass)
    26 McBride Avenue
    Wonthaggi 3995

    Heidi Victoria (Bayswater)
    2/40 Station St
    Bayswater VIC 3153

    Bill Tilley (Benambra)
    14 Stanley Street
    Wodonga VIC 3690

    Robert Clark (Box Hill)
    24 Rutland Road
    Box Hill VIC 3128

    Louise Asher (Brighton)
    315 New Street
    Brighton VIC 3186

    Graham Watt (Burwood)
    1342 Toorak Road
    Camberwell 3124

    David Southwick (Caulfied)
    Suite 1,
    193 Balaclava Road
    Caulfield North
    VIC 3161

    Cindy McLeish (Eildon)
    Shop 10
    38-40 Bell Street
    Yarra Glen 3775

    Christine Fyffe (Evelyn)
    143 Main Street
    Lilydale VIC 3140

    Nick Wakeling (Ferntree Gully)
    Unit 4,
    91 Dorset Road
    Ferntree Gully
    VIC 3156

    Neil Angus (Forest Hill)
    4 Lawrence Street
    Blackburn South
    VIC 3130

    Brad Battin (Gembrook)
    Suite 5,
    6-8 Langmore Lane
    Berwick VIC 3806

    Neale Burgess (Hastings)
    6 Eramosa Road
    Somerville VIC 3912

    John Pesutto (Hawthorn)
    325 Camberwell Road
    Camberwell, VIC 3124

    Tim Smith (Kew)
    Suite 1/ 400 High Street
    Kew 3101

    Michael O'Brien (Malvern)
    313 Waverley Road
    Malvern East 3145

    David Morris (Mornington)
    321 Main Street
    VIC 3931

    Michael Gidley (Mount Waverley)
    Suite 1, 40 Montclair Ave
    Glen Waverley 3150

    Gary Blackwood (Narracan)
    3/24 Mason Street
    Warragul VIC 3820

    Martin Dixon (Nepean)
    PO Box 250
    McCrae VIC 3938

    Richard Riordan (Polwarth)
    115A Bromfield Street
    Colac, VIC 3250

    Dee Ryall (Ringwood)
    44 New Street
    Ringwood 3134

    Louise Staley (Ripon)
    177 High Street
    Maryborough 3465

    Kim Wells (Rowville)
    9 Lynton Place
    Scoresby 3179

    Murray Thompson (Sandringham)
    Suite 3,
    56-60 Bay Road
    VIC 3191

    Andrew Katos (South Barwon)
    152 High Street
    Belmont VIC 3216

    Roma Britnell (South-West Coast)
    94 Liebig Street
    Warrnambool 3280

    Ryan Smith (Warrandyte)
    Suite 2, 1020 Doncaster Road
    Doncaster East 3109

    Bulk emails

    Shadow Health Minister (Legislative Council)
    Mary Wooldridge - (Eastern Metropolitan Region)
    PO Box 428, Blackburn, VIC 3130
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    A little further explanation: of course the Liberals are the minority and the ALP can pass this through. But then it has to face the Upper House/Legislative Council which is where we can make sure it goes to further consultation. Even if the Greens and ALP vote together they cannot pass it against the Liberals in conjunction with the cross benchers.

    Further consultation is a lot more achievable politically than outright rejecting it. We can, then, delay it for some time and in the consultation process get the best outcome we can.

    If, however, the Liberals pass the bill in the Lower House/Legislative Assembly, then we have no hope to stop it in the Upper House/Legislative Council. So the first step is the Libs in the Lower House, and the Shadow Health Minister, Mary Wooldridge, who is in the Upper House, and who guides Liberal health policy. One step at a time.

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    Excellent, thanks Dr Danko.

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    You might also want to point out that the changes would force vapers to vape in the same areas as smokers, and this would mean exposing yourself to harmful second hand smoke, something which all political parties have agreed upon being (bad for you) resulting in (the existing) legislation to provide those who do not wish to smoke the choice to avoid (it) by mandating smoke free zones. Ask them why they are potentially forcing you, a non-smoker, someone who changed to vaping to minimise the harm you were exposed to when you smoked, to now put yourself at risk again, forced to by the new legislation.

    That alone makes this assinine.

    Just my 5 cents.

    If they try and pull that crap in NSW, ill seriously consider starting a lawsuit, i dont know if it would qualify for a class action lawsuit, because i dont fully understand the requirements, but ill have a bloody good crack at it.

    edits in brackets, im the typo king...
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    Unfortunately a lot of these pollies will have spam filters?!?
    So a better option would be to put pen to paper & posted them a letter.

    In the States a politicisation is required to read & acknowledge a written letter by law, & they can ignore email!
    I'm not sure if the same applies here?
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    I agree, it's important to send physical letters as well.

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    So nic would be legal then ?
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    If not, then why is this allowed to be sold in supermarkets ? same thing really

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    What can those of us not living in VIC do to help ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sludge View Post
    So nic would be legal then ?
    No. But we need to push back against further bans, while fighting to legalise nic too.


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