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Thread: Gateway effect theories busted

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    Gateway effect theories busted

    How not to be duped by gateway effect claims The counterfactual
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    It's like heroin is a gateway drug.... to more heroin
    "Go away and come back when you understand better." he said. He would not let me pass.

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    Soon they will say vaping is a gateway to using hard drugs.A few weeks ago I seen an interview where now they are saying smoking is now a gateway to using canabis which then leads onto harder drugs.This gateway affect is a really big lot of bullsh-t and is used as scare tactics so they can push their opinion/adjender without any facts and the media gobble it up

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    I had a gateway once , but someone nicked it .. so I took a-fence

    It is the way of the world now where making bad choices are absolved by deflection to another issue .... rather than personal responsibility being applied ...

    My Father beat me ... so I steal stuff !
    My mother didnt love me, So I bash my girlfriend
    Life and people I look up to taught me lessons, but my lawyer says I dont have to listen to them ...

    Vaping is tobacco... because ...
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    ... the tobacco control parasites would have to get a real job otherwise?
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