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Thread: Synthetic Nicotine now a Reality

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    Synthetic Nicotine now a Reality

    E-Cigs Are Going Tobacco-Free With Synthetic Nicotine | WIRED

    I remember listening to podcast years ago where Dimitri (The VapingGreek) explained how stupid the idea was to classify ecigs and eliquid as tobacco products, because it'll be only a matter of time until someone finds a way to extract nicotine from non-tobacco sources, and when they do, any vaping product using this nicotine source will automatically be unregulated.

    Regulating vaping products as either a medicine or a tobacco product is a stupid idea.

    It needs its own regulative framework.

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    tomato based and a few others have been available for years, never took off though
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    Quote Originally Posted by DogMan View Post
    tomato based and a few others have been available for years, never took off though
    Yes, not cost effective. It's much better to use a source that is 20% nicotine... like tobacco leaves...

    Completely synthetic nicotine is available now, but it's prohibitively expensive as well.

    It's all mute point for laws in the US anyway - the FDA has designating any vaping product as tobacco. It won't matter if it has tobacco nicotine or in fact if it has nicotine at all. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens with the lawsuits now - it doesn't look like they'll get the grandfather date changed in time to save them.
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