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Thread: off topic but

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    off topic but

    speaks to politcal tactics I suppose so am posting

    Jeremy Buckingham (green party) calls Trump a revolting slug breaking some parlimenary rule about language but is apparently famous for his use of a cigalike in parliment when protesting vaping (last paragraphs) so it made news for some reason

    'Revolting slug': NSW Parliament's surprise Donald Trump condemnation

    'Revolting slug': NSW Parliament's surprise Donald Trump condemnation
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    Yep, he's not FOR vaping. He was making the point for regulating them.

    Well he's sticking his neck out on the Trump thing. That kind of language on public record can come back to bite you, where international diplomacy is concerned. (Remember the "recalcitrant" debacle). Considering both of the frontrunners are unthinkable (one is corrupt, the other is... well, Donald Trump...) Trump is still an outside chance to win.

    America is slowly going insane, no matter who wins.
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