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    Nicopure Labs Interviews Clive Bates

    Background on the FDA deeming rules;

    • The FDA deeming rules kicked in on the 8th of August 2016.
    • Any new product sold in the US from then will need to undergo multi-million dollar review
    • Any existing product on the market prior to August 2016 will have 2 years to submit an application for the multi-million dollar review, and then it will be taken off the market. This includes the devices and tanks and 0mg ejuice, not just nicotine containing ejuice.
    • Big Tobacco welcome the new regulations and will not challenge
    • It is predicted that 99% of the US e-cig industry to dissapear come 8th of August 2018 due to this.
    • Some US vendors have begun closing up already.

    Maker of Halo Ecig ejuices, NicoPure, are now challenging the FDA in Court.

    NicoPure Labs recently interviewed Clive Bates. Here is the interview.

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    We could potentially end up with a similar situation here if things go badly with the TGA

    Some things to consider that the other community who also vape is facing atm


    -Way too high costs of licensing and regulation of companies who have to jump through big expensive hurdles that make their product pharma grade - esp cause like nicotine - what they vape is not really being produced here

    - Locally to me activists are complaining that a bottle will cost them $30- 100 per bottle - but a quick search on the web shows that some aussie places are charging more like $400 per a few ml

    - Some have placed the high cost on supply and demand but also on the impossible cost of registering and maintaining the pharma grade stuff through the TGA

    - People may have to import until a production line opens up in Austraila bringing with it other problems and other restrictions

    - There have been strong restrictions placed on who can be prescribed their product

    and even with the known high cost of the product to the consumer - the govt refuses to help (Even tho they know how profitable that market is) any financial help may be years away

    Essentially they have manged to legalize without really legalizing - as well as have allowed for monopolies ... clever bastards the both of them

    So really what the FDA are doing and what the TGA are similarly doing to the other community - might be a template of sorts for things to come (lets hope not)
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