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Thread: State of Tennessee Department of Health Warning about Vaping

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    Lol don't be too concerned, we are pawns in a big money game and our health is the last of anyones concerns. Big business takes care of that.

    As I have been living with a hospital acquired superbug for 25 years, I have an inside view.

    Have you ever heard of Avoparcin? It's a "hormone" (don't believe that btw) that is put into feed for growth reasons. Avoparcin (been recently renamed I believe) is Vancomycin.
    Vancomycin is the headline act in the world of superbugs.

    Antibiotics use in agriculture

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    This is my first post here! A little background- I quite smoking a 2 pad 32 year old habit in exchange for e-cigs in December 2010. I'm currently using a lot of AIO devices which has made my life so much easier. I have a PG intolerance so since the spring of 2011 I've been making my own liquid. Oh, and I'm a Vaper who lives in Tennessee...ugh!!! So, I was trying to find info on Australian vaping laws because I heard that this was up for legislative vote a week or so ago and I stumbled onto your site here. I knhjow the topic hear got off base of the title but I'm bringing it back to its original theme. Btw, you have a great site and good info with some fun humor (or is it humour to you guys?)...Anyway, I am on the CASAA facebook page quite often. Please visit and join a world-wide cause!! I posted there about the TN Dept. of Health stupidity a couple of weeks ago (My FB name and real name are David Emanuel) and that's why this thread here caught my eye. I wrote the main guy at Tennessee's Dept of Health an email and posted on the Dept's web page and Facebook site regarding their ridiculous claim about the "date ****" drug being put in e-cigs. So after several back and forths by email, I finally got a reply that they "re-wrote" that part of their warnings and instead of being specific, they are now just saying that "E-cigs are Drug Delivery devices." Oh Gee!! Thanks a lot!!! These morons! I warned them that the Tennessee Dept of Health will become (if it already hadn't) the laughing stock of the world. This thread on your forum is proof that it has. I'm truly embarrassed for our state's lack of any knowledge regarding e-cigs and vaping. They appear to have drank the FDA/CDC and WHO's cool aid. I also pointed out to them that a federal judge in the U.S., in 2009 shot down the FDA claim that e-cigs were "drug delivery" devices so that they can't make that claim either. Anyway, no response after that. Let me know if there is any interest in this topic. I can load up emails back and forth, etc.


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