Pen State Uni is doing a follow-up survey as part of a longer running experiment. If you previously took part in the Pen State University survey you should get an email invitation to participate in this phase, so if you have changed emails you might want to check your inactive emails.

If you no longer have access to that email the contact details are:
"If you have questions, please contact Dr. Ping Du at 717-531-7178 or"

I'd almost forgotten about this and I don't remember when the first survey was done, it must have been some time ago.

The questions are reasonably intelligent, and seem to be targeted towards finding out if vaping is helpful for smoking cessation, how useful flavours are etc. There's also sections on what devices you are using - you can upload photos if you want (max 180Mb each I think). Three photos - most used device, all your devices, and your favourite liquid.

I can't give the link to the survey because each one appears to be tailored to the recipient - it's invite only based on if you took part in the previous one.