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Thread: Public Health Experts around the world comment on TGA's recent decision

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    Public Health Experts around the world comment on TGA's recent decision
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    Yep, I was in overload mode when I first read it but managed to read the whole thing this time.

    It's a sound blasting of the TGA interim decision and every single word makes complete sense. Shame the TGA are such pineapple-hats.
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    Like fab i kind of went into overload mode when i realised the YANKS of all fkn people, are doing a better job for our rights then our guys are
    This is the kind of info i expected the NNA AU to put on the table.

    well done, if it makes a difference we owe them guys a beer.
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    We need to send this document to our decision makers.
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    Thank you Purple ! It was somewhat reassuring to read that compelling, rational and logical reply to the TGA.

    I enjoy taking time to actually drop as deeply as possible into stillness, into whatever is unfolding in the present moment.

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    Would it be counter productive to have a meeting with our local member, clearly and diplomatically showing them both a doc like this and giving them our storys"of how vaping got us off the cigs and the health benefits it provides?
    Or would I better better off talking to a can of beetroot?
    Surely there could be a productive way we can without being muppets to get this through political channels?
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    Lol Sully I have had meetings with both state and federal local members for my electorate, both the sitting members and the members of the opposition. Neither the Labor nor the Libs want a bar of vapes especially the Labor party. This made me very sad as I voted labor all my life.

    There are, I am told back benchers that seem to favour e-cigs but who they are I have no idea. We all know what game the politicians are playing whether they be in power or not and that game is called duplicity. They want Tobacco Harm Reduction and on the other hand they want the tax revenue of stinkies. The TGA decision was a big slap in the face for major tobacco companies, and it seems the Pharmaceutical companies won.



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