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Thread: GST Woes

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    GST Woes

    I have been talking with DHL today trying to work out why different shippers tend to charge different freight rates for the same cubic size and weight. The explanation is that it is based on volume that the shipper sends if they are a small volume shipper to Australia then their freight charges are higher. If they are a high volume shipper to Au like HiLiq and Apple then their freight charges are considerably lower.

    Now on the subject of taxes, import duties and the pending GST nightmare. DHL have already a system in place whereby ANY duty be it import duty or in the future GST is collected by DHL before the parcel is delivered. They send you an invoice by email or snail mail if you do not have an email addy and you pay whatever taxes are applicable and then your parcel is delivered. I have discussed this issue with a franchise holder of Australia Post and she has also heard of this and has said that yes there are discussions of Au post doing the same. So there will be no need for overseas suppliers to be tax collectors for the ATO. Gst will be based on the declared customs value of the item sent to you. Indeed this will be interesting as a lot of Chinese vendors do tend to tell porkies of the value of goods sent on their declarations.

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    It will also be interesting to see what the actual tax will end up being. I used to import a lot of exotic aquarium fish. My GST component, as worked out by my freight forwarder would be anything from 11.5% up to 28.5%. It was a total crock, with figures seeming to be based on how much the Government required, for that particular month, based on their estimates of how much 'stuff' would be imported that month.
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