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Thread: New Nicotine Alliance Update

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    Ohh poor Donna - I did notice you posting your extremely delayed resignation tonight on the other forum while I was tossing up what to do with myself tonight - not a comment under your post - not a like or an acknowledgement of your existence - and I did wonder if you would pop over in your boredom to cause trouble ....

    and here you are

    Clueless and looking for drama - your legacy really quite a mess with a trail of insulted politicians, advocates and others - and an advocacy group which isnt much more than a closed lobby group which so far has flown under official radars with its lack of due legal processes - I but I digress ... cause that really has nothing to do with anyone except a few core self appointed experts who occasionally snoof around here for money and not much more *shrug

    As I have said over time I am not an advocate for vaping - I was tossed out of that a long time ago and branded irrelevant when I refused to be part of your autocratic self serving group- and I am ok with that .. so it really doenst matter my dear donna what I have or haven't done for vaping does it? - Vape advocacy has nothing to do with me or anyone else - as it has been made quite clear in this thread and since your group had begun - the NNA au know all - its all about the 'experts' and pref medical based ones - back off- nothing has or will change there

    As for advice - nup I dont give it - Its suggestions only - take it or leave - but all cards are on the table and everything is open is all

    I hope that has answered your question

    I just have to say Its interesting that you say you will stay in vape advocacy as an individual - especially since fab said in this thread he does not really approve of people going off half cocked by themselves (kinda like you before you umm left the NNA AU (got kicked out over a couple of months ago?) ) -

    I am sure that even as an individual vaper 'advocate' when you make things worse than you already have and divide us all more - that if nothing else - it will be interesting and maybe a little entertaining from the sidelines

    I look forward to your next *cough ... storm?

    No doubt ... until next time Donna ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Davi View Post
    Now I'm not part of the NNA AU, I want to ask you RATM. Considering you continually give advice about advioacy, what have you ever done for vape advocacy?

    Or are you a 'do as I say, don't do as I do" sorta person?
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    My suggestion - how about we all have a nice big cup of STFU, and let the new guys get on with trying to find their feet etc.

    Just my 2c.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockmoose View Post
    Is Ingrid the only one who thinks my penis looks slightly vaginal?

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    My suggestion - how about we all have a nice big cup of STFU, and let the new guys get on with trying to find their feet etc.

    Just my 2c.

    Oh, I like it when you talk dirty. LOL
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    As a newbie, and interested in advocacy. The 'history' here with NNA is a put off. Consensus would be the aim IMHO. Perhaps a change in branding would be beneficial to the advocating and getting a positive result in future?
    My 1c (wages growth adjusted)
    A cut n paste from Wikibrainache.

    There are several forms of advocacy, each representing a different approach in a way to initiate changes in the society. One of the most popular forms is social justice advocacy.

    The initial definition does not encompass the notions of power relations, people’s participation and a vision of a just society as promoted by social justice advocates. For them, advocacy represents the series of actions taken and issues highlighted to change the “what is” into a “what should be”, considering that this “what should be” is a more decent and a more just society (ib., 2001.).[full citation needed] Those actions, which vary with the political, economic and social environment in which they are conducted, have several points in common (ib., 2001.).[full citation needed] They:

    Question the way policy is administered
    Participate in the agenda setting as they raise significant issues
    Target political systems "because those systems are not responding to people's needs"
    Are inclusive and engaging
    Propose policy solutions
    Open up space for public argumentation
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    Quote Originally Posted by giruvian View Post
    My suggestion - how about we all have a nice big cup of STFU, and let the new guys get on with trying to find their feet etc.

    Just my 2c.
    Can anyone get a free mug of STFU?

    I'll take mine in this thanks

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    OK as this whole thread now appears to be an excuse for various people to air laundry and/or point score, its gone from informative into the realm of personal attack and publishing of no doubt private conversations into the public domain ... I am pretty sure no consent has been given for that to occur ...all of this despite several attempts to mitigate it by community self policing ....

    If "Vaping Advocacy"(?) or those purporting to represent it wish to implode ... that's a matter for those concerned and does not need to be using AVF as a platform on which to do it !

    As such I am calling this thread closed ( the last post will be kept on the server but limited from public view for now )

    In short AVF has a lot of members who wish to know about and help/ or question what advocates are doing on behalf of vapers and that's fine ... but its not a place to air dirty laundry for personal reasons either .... If there has been documented proof of a "not for profit" misusing funds then it is more apt to bring that to the relevant governing body's attention than waging forum warfare .
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